Follow the exploits of Zach Templeton, highly-decorated, former US Navy SEAL. After facing perilous battles all over the world proudly defending the cause of freedom, Zach tries to return to normal life. Struggling with business and personal challenges, yet again, he answers the call of his country and is thrust into the most terrifying battle of his life.


ISBN 13-9780999459003

A military officer, driven to madness by blinding grief, concocts a deadly plan for revenge. Answering the call from an old friend, Rear Admiral Charles Hadley, threatens to destroy what’s left of Zach’s shaky marriage, Everything Zach has worked for hangs in the balance. But far worse: nuclear war threatens to envelope the entire world.

Can Zach discover the disturbing truth and stop the madness before it's too late? But even if he does…. Will he live to tell anyone?

Globe-spanning, heart-pounding, non-stop action from Tulsa Oklahoma, to the dark streets of the Czech Republic, to the corridors of political power in Washington, D.C.


ISBN 13-9780999459065

They said it could never happen.... They were wrong !  Dead wrong !

In the hair-raising sequel to the heart-pounding, thriller, EDGE OF MADNESS, Zach Templeton is plunged into yet another chilling race against the clock as the world once again teeters on the brink of nuclear war.

A new enemy, scheming and evil, has arisen to threaten America's very existence. A conspiracy by one wealthy autocrat, two highly-placed traitors, and a raving madman has launched a plan to destroy Capitalism and America along with it.

An electrifying story that will transport you beyond the mundane and plunge you headlong into a world of spine-tingling suspense, treason, murder, and pure evil.


ISBN 13-9780999459089

An ancient and insidious evil has resurfaced….  But nobody is watching !

Bluffton, South Carolina, was a sleepy little town until people started dying with mysterious, unexplained symptoms. The truth is buried when a local doctor is murdered after discovering that autopsy samples have been switched.

A secret order of extremely powerful and evil men conspire to destroy America and usher in a new world order.

Using a complex DNA-editing process, a new and completely unknown virus is created. The result is an extremely virulent poathogen with a mortality rate over 97%.

Most frightening of all - There is no vaccine. There is no cure. There is no treatment.


DECEIVED The Assault of Revisionist History

ISBN 13-9780999459034

Crisis in America. From home to public school to universities there is growing alarm. Destructive theories are being spread in higher education. Progressive philosophies of socialism and humanism are fueling hateful intolerance and conflict in our culture. Conservative thought and free speech on college campuses is vanishing. Any speech that challenges the accepted, far-left mind-set is silenced with brute force and even violence.

DECEIVED The Assault of Revisionist History is a wakeup call. It will give you facts and true history from those that lived it and recorded it, direct from primary sources (meticulously documented - 200+ entry bibliography). In these times of increasing social chaos, the need to be aware of the battle for Truth has never been more urgent! Will you dare to read it and equip yourself for the battle?   No decision you make will be more critical.


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