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"It felt like I was reading a Tom Clancy novel. Think Hunt For Red October. Exciting and fun read. Read it in one sitting. Looking forward to the next Zach Templeton adventure."

"I chose this book for the excitement of submarine warfare. It provides that and much more! I highly recommend this book."

"Edge Of Madness keeps you guessing from front to back. I could not put it down. Can't wait to read the sequel."

League of Traitors:

"Great story with intricate details well researched and described. This book grabs you from page 1 and drops you right into the story. You need to check out every book from this author!"

"League 0f Traitors is a riveting tale made more compelling due to the fact it is based on a true story. The events unfold into an extremely fast paced conclusion.."


"This book is so well written that I finished it in 2 days. I read it every spare moment I had. Just could not stop reading until I finished it. Keith Hoar does a great job of weaving the details together! The level of accuracy in the details presented in the book is very impressive."

"Already a Zach Templeton fan, I was eager to read Book Two in the series Rage is a compelling and suspenseful story dealing with a scenario all to possible in our world today. I highly recommend it."


"As he always does, Mr. Hoar walks you though another Zack Templeton thriller. What could be more timely than a completely new, created by man, KILLER VIRUS. The detail and pace was fast enough to make me read it in 2 days. ."

"This third novel in the series, as with all the Zach Templeton novels, Deadly Secrets grabs the reader from the first paragraph. The plot about a deadly virus, which was written long before the Coronavirus was heard of, makes the medical information in the book even more fascinating. "


The Assault of Revisionist history

"I have read a fair number of books and sources of information regarding truth and revisionism on a number of issues and this book, is right up there at the top of the list of MUST READS."

"Everyone should read this book.. A must during these crazy times.. Very relevant!"

Astounding facts about the erasure of selected history. A must read.

Clean, Wholesome Fiction !      No vulgar language and no sexual content !

Zach Templeton Thriller Series                 
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Historical Fiction
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